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How To Hustle Through The Holidays: Getting Away With Working Through Family Time

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Picture this: chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost playing on TV – family enjoying a bottle of wine, and you with your laptop pushing keys. Not exactly how the time-tested carol was written, but it’s our firm belief that it’s time for a re-write. Let’s start this off properly: no one should feel obligation to work over the holidays, but let’s face it – some of us need to (or might even welcome the distraction). We’ve put together 5 tips to help you manage your family/work ratio to get through the holiday season.

Start early

If you know work is going to be required during your time off, set yourself up for success. There’s always ways to prep yourself, whether it’s to-do lists, or preliminary email drafting – doing this will help you keep your head above water.

Map out your days

If you’re headed to engagements and dinners, try to set aside a dedicated time in the morning to accomplish your tasks. If you take a couple of hours at the start of your day – you can successfully relax and enjoy the duration (with the help of your smartphone).

Schedule your social

No one wants to spend their holidays looking for content to tweet or writing blog posts – make sure to plan ahead by crafting a few posts, scheduling a few tweets, and using your smart phone for reactive social networking. Trust us, this will be a lifesaver, and will help relieve that sense of obligation.

Buy your gifts online

Something that will save you SO much time. Try checking out sites like Amazon or to get something for each of the people on your list. You can even have everything gift wrapped, so the items arrive at your door ready to give away.

Remember to have perspective

Your work will never be done, regardless of how much you have on your plate. Take into perspective what’s really important – and seize the time you have with your family. Work will always be there when you get back to it, so fulfill obligations to clients or customers – and put the rest on hold. You (and your family) deserve it.

Happy holidays!

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