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Film Friday: & Britney Spears Scream and Shout…. “Product Placement”

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It’s no secret that music videos these days are saturated with product placement. It’s also not a wonder this practise is so popular, considering album sales aren’t what they used to be. Sure, iTunes remains a huge source of income for artists – but other than that, it’s left up to touring to get the large sums of money pouring in. This explains the surge of product placement fuelling the swollen costs of making posh and glamorous music videos for an artist’s single promotion. Now: it’s time to play a little game. Watch the new video for and Britney Spears’ single: Scream and Shout. Tell us in the comments which products you spot, and if this placement really makes you want to buy that item – this should get interesting!

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    1. Lee says:

      I want that Burberry camera!


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