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Fa La La La La La La Ha Ha: Jib Jab is Spicing Up Our Holidays

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We’re all guilty of it, sitting at our desks (be it at work or school), avoiding work for hours on end by mindlessly surfing the Internet. Personally, I usually stick to Tumblr or getting lost in hours of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? on YouTube, but to each their own. For those of us who enjoy watching humourous parodies or making your friends dance around hilariously, the team over at Jib Jab has you covered. A new favourite of Embrace Disruption’s Cory Stewart, Jib Jab has actually been popular since 2004 when they posted a George Bush/John Kerry parody of “This Land” that went interstellar – even being broadcast to the International Space Station.

Since their first video, Jib Jab has posted many a politically driven parody as well as “Years in Review” that are just as snicker-inducing.

Over the years Jib Jab has branched out to include a whole e-Card division, so sending your special someone a card for any occasion is super easy. Plus, you can make them feel famous by putting their face in the card. Maybe you’re friend has a bachelorette party coming up & you want to send out her invites in the style of Chippendale dancers. Who wouldn’t like that?

Dancing Elves, Silly Santas & Partying Penguins

Since it is the holiday season, let’s take a look at what Jib Jab has cooked up to entertain us. First, you can use your personal photos or Facebook photos to cast your favourite people in a music video for some of the most popular holiday songs. Maybe your friends are a bit more… adventurous with their festive cheer. In those special cases Jib Jab lets you star in such classics as “Farting Carol” or “Tree Slaughter.” I bet either will become an instant classic to be enjoyed for generations.

The holiday “Elf Yourself” tradition is also back. Started in 2006 in partnership with Office Max, users are able to cast themselves in 3 different elf-themed songs/videos this year: Snowball Fight, Christmas Tree & Office Party.

And after you’re finished casting everyone from your Facebook you’ll probably have no time for Christmas shopping anymore which is okay because Jib Jab has teamed up with Amazon to offer the option to send Amazon gift cards with any e-Card.

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