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Paperless in 2013? Here’s Why It’s Possible!

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Admit it, you always feel a little guilty when you print out twenty copies of that 10-page contract or proposal.  If you don’t, you should. Working in an office environment, you’ll find ample opportunities to indulge in North America’s favourite past time – wasting paper. Sure, emails have cut down a significant amount of unnecessary paper use, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t notice that the printer sure does get re-filled an awful lot.

This year all that is going to change. Atleast that’s what the strategic partners behind are hoping for. Heavy hitters like Google Drive, Hello Sign, Fujitsu ScanSnap have teamed up to provide a seamless organization of green-savvy crusaders striving to provide paperless solutions for small and large businesses alike.

How can you get in on the action?

It’s simple really – just sign up! will provide you with new monthly tips and services that will help enhance your green efforts. Google Drive is always going to be a fantastic tool (one we use constantly at EDPR), but we’re really excited about the prospect of using HelloSign – a paperless way of getting those pesky contracts signed.

Our efforts will continue in 2013.

From collaborating on documents in the office, to sending out contracts and agendas – we’re constantly optimizing and encouraging further use of technology to reduce our corporation’s carbon footprint. As we go through 2013, we’ll keep you updated from time to time on the different services we’re using to maintain our efforts – and shed some insight on what works, and what doesn’t. Here’s to a Paperless 2013 – now.. on to conquer the Diet Soda.

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