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App Attack: Google Drive

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One of the most important tools that I use in my daily work life is the Google Drive service (formerly Google Docs). For those of you not familiar with Google Drive, it’s a collaborative space to keep shared documents, pictures, etc – while seeing updates from the users you share these files with in real time!

Google recently released an app companion that brought together some of Drives’ best features for on the go usability.

Google Drive’s Opening Screen


As you can see below, I have a ton of collaborative documents that I access on a regular basis – this app makes it SUPER EASY to access them on my phone.



Here’s the preview shot of a document I was using earlier today. It’s super simple to navigate and edit, and beats trying to access it on the mobile web. The best part? You can choose to make certain documents available offline, so you can edit even without a WIFI or 3G connection.



And I love that I’m able to upload photo, video and create new documents to share right from my phone. Commuting, travelling, and even working at home in front of the TV just got a little bit easier.



Definitely check out the Google Drive App in the App Store - available for Android and iPhone!

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