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LinkedIn Allows Users To Get ‘Visual’

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Since its inception, LinkedIn has been a destination for professionals to connect and share achievements, while proudly displaying a working copy of their online resumes.  LinkedIn announced Wednesday May 1st that users can now include visual representations of their work, allowing for companies and potential co-workers to see achievements even before making contact!

This addition means that photographers will now be able to upload samples of their work; video editors can upload films or commercials they have worked on and fashion designers can put their sketches on display. Not only will users be able to upload these images, video and/or presentations from their own computers, but they will also be able to link to content from other sites while providing detailed descriptions and explanations as to why the visuals were included.

With the inclusion of the new Personal Portfolio section of LinkedIn, people will also be able to ‘like,’ comment and ‘share’ all uploaded materials. This will definitely come in handy when trying to scout talent: just locate a candidate’s LinkedIn resume and share the examples of their past work with the team. Members of the same professional communities can also offer their peers feedback and suggestions on their work.


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