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The PR Impact Of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Oops Moments

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To say it’s been a tough PR year for Carnival Cruise Lines would be an understatement. The ‘wave’ of negative press started when the Carnival Dream liner became disabled and drifted in the Gulf of Mexico. All channels of media and social media were bombarded with stories of the passengers left floating for an extended period of time.

Afterwards, the troubled cruise line seemed to be on the mend – only to be hit with issues regarding 2 more of their vessels. This brought on a new wave of negativity from the media and frustrated customers- luckily though, as you can see in the infographic below, the second wave of negativity didn’t reach the same impression value as the original incident.

Overall the coverage of Carnival Cruise Lines’ oops moments reached an audience of 3.9 billion people. This is thanks to receiving coverage on global reaching news outlets including CNN, MSN News and Yahoo! News.

Cruise Graphic

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