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Mental Sanity Break: The PR Edition

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PR work can definitely have its challenges. Many of us can relate to arriving at our desks in the morning, only to look up and realize that the sun is starting to set. Between crafting press releases, formulating creative pitches, client management and keeping up-to-snuff on daily happenings (see Twitter) – sometimes you just need a mental sanity break.

Here’s a few relief websites for all you PR pros looking to blow off some steam:

1. #iworkinpr – a collection of delicious animated gifs, sure to tickle the funny bone of even the most stressed PR pro.

2. 99problemsbutapitchaintone - another animated gif site that isn’t updated as regularly, but still has some zingers in its archives.

3. Annoying PR – a collection of tactics, buzzwords, pitches, etc. that drive reporters crazy – hey, you may as well be learning, right?

4. Dee De Los Santos PR - some great reflection from a PR pro about her career challenges, complimented with some fab tips and advice.

5. Reality TV Gifs - this one needs no introduction.

6. The PR Closet – a rundown of tips, tricks and advice for aspiring and current PR pros.

7. Bad Pitch Blog  - industry no-nos with a mix of other laughable observations.

Do you have any others you think should be added to this list? Tweet us and let us know!

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