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5 Quick Exercises For Staying Fit At Your Office Job

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Spending 8 hours a day at work, sitting behind a desk can be a detriment to our health. Without even realizing it, our days pass b, and the only time we get up from our desk is for our 5 cups of coffee. Here at EDPR, we have pledged to go on a bit of a health kick (kale chips and all) s0, in the spirit of health, we are giving you some tips for short and easy exercises you can do in the office to improve your physical and mental health. These are our top 5 picks!

1. Leg Lifts

Sitting in your chair, slowly lift each leg and lower. Repeat multiple times. If you are looking for more of a challenge, lift your leg and hold straight for 5 seconds then, slowly lower back to the floor. These exercises will help increase leg circulation and strengthen your thigh muscle.

2. The Desk Push-up

Stand up and face your desk. With your hands shoulder width apart,  place them in front of you on the edge of your desk. Move your feet backwards until your weight is being supported by both your arms and feet (moving back about 1 meter should do the trick). Now, proceed to do a push-up much like you would on the floor; bending your elbows to 90 degrees and straightening them back out. Do as many as you feel comfortable with.

3. Squats

Ah, the classic squat. This is a simple exercise you can do at your desk that helps you tighten those glutes. Here is how it works: stand-up and move your chair out of the way. With your feet shoulder width apart, slowly bend into a sitting position and stand back up. Be sure to keep your back straight and don’t bend your knees past 90 degrees. For more of a challenge hold the seated position for an extra 5 seconds during every squat.

4. Go For a Walk

While on your lunch break, instead of spending 40 minutes reading your favourite book, go for a walk, either in the office or outside (walking down the street to McDonald’s does’t count). This will leave you refreshed for the afternoon workload.

5. A Stretch For The Typist 

For many of us, our day is consumed typing on a computer. To avoid any of those nasty typing injuries like carpal tunnel, take time everyday to stretch out those wrists. Stand at you desk with your arms straight down in front of you. Place the top of your hands on the desk , fingers facing towards you. Press down gently until you feel a small stretch. This will help relieve the tension you feel in your arms and wrists.

Check out this video for a quick 10 minute desk work out!

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