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#TorontoTuesday: How To Eat Local In The City

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Nothing quite compares to eating fresh, local produce. Not only is it tastier and promotes a healthier lifestyle but it’s economically and socially responsible. This weekend, one of our staff had the pleasure of doing a big grocery shop at a local farmers market. It was a fraction of the cost compared to her usual grocery runs, the food was delicious (we all tried the final product) and she found the process itself was immensely enjoyable. This really got the office chatting about the local food trend that seems to be popping up everywhere, particularly on social media.


Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable influx of the local food movement on social media. Prime examples being the 100K diet, eating-locally, and the “felfie” (Farmer Selfie). People have taken something that has existed for centuries (farm to table consumption) and modernized it with a relatively new concept (social media). We all know those friends on social media who spend hours snapping pictures of their fresh food finds, tweeting about trips to the market and sharing farm-to-table recipes on blogs. It is clear this trend has really taken off!




Depending on what day you do your shopping, here are a few suggestions of farmers markets around the city:

Screenshot 2014-07-15 12.40.28
Let us know where you like to shop for local produce in the comments below!

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