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Smartphones Impact Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Do you remember the days when flip-phones were the latest thing to hit the cell phone market? Or better yet, the days of car phones? We sure do.

The mobile device industry has certainly come a long way in the past 40 years, and we largely have companies like Apple Inc., Nokia and RIM to thank for that. Smartphones and similar technologies have not only changed the way individuals operate on a daily basis, but they have also greatly impacted the world’s economy. The mobile and smartphone industry (projected to be worth $341.4 billion by 2015) has been a catalyst for the social media boom while redefining the word “globalization.”

As it’s such an influential market, we wanted to share a infographic from Protect Your Bubble ¬†which outlines some of the impacts resulting from the influx of smartphones and mobile devices.


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