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Film Friday: Meghan Trainor’s Video & Fall — PR Tactics or Coincidence?

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The past couple years, Meghan Trainor has taken the world by storm with her positive body anthems and addictive melodies. This week in particular, it would seem Trainor has dominated the Internet with two very public mishaps: the first being a music video in which she was photoshopped to appear thinner (she quickly had it removed and replaced with an untouched version); the second, a fall after her (pre-taped) performance on Jimmy Fallon yesterday.

The two incidences (both videos below) brought questions to the forefront in the PR community of whether these moments happened by “accident”, or were part of a master PR plan constructed to bring attention to a new single that may not have otherwise been subject to as much exposure. The idea being, more would flock to view the unaltered YouTube video because of Meghan’s insistence to change it, followed by people seeking out the Jimmy Fallon performance to watch the fall — both activities exposing the song to a larger group of people on an international scale.

Check out the videos below and tell us in the comments: are these PR tactics or coincidence? Either way, we think it worked in her favour!

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