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Film Friday: Uber Gets A Major Marketing Boost

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By now, most of us have heard about the transport company, Uber. Riders log into the app, enter their pick up location and are connected with an available driver. Riders are even able to pick the kind of car that drives them ensuring they arrive to their destination in style.

Recently, Uber has introduced a new, cheaper version of the app where pre-screened drivers are able to pick up riders in their own car. The advancement in the highly popular app has raised some safety concerns among critics, however, the company assures their service is completely safe and reliable. Drivers are screened with a complete background check and a follow up is conducted after the ride.

Recently, the taxi company received a major marketing boost from one of the word biggest DJ’s. DeadMau5 signed up as an Uber driver for a night in Toronto, best of all he filmed the whole thing. Check it out!

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