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4 Must See Nerd-Worthy Documentaries

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Over the course of the long weekend, I’ve taken a little time to catch up on some documentaries that I’ve always wanted to watch. Here’s a list, as well as some online links (where available) for you to watch them yourself!


1. Helvetica - A documentary about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. This doc was incredibly insightful and told a great story about the history of the world’s most famous font. You won’t believe how many logos, and iconic parts of our culture are translated through this popular typeface. (Available on Netflix)



2. Welcome To Macintosh - Filmmakers Robert Baca and John Rizzo offer an entertaining look into the world and history of Apple, Inc. This doc educates the viewer on some of the little known facts about Mac, and the struggles they faced up until today’s time. (Watch Here)



3. Bill Cunningham New York - A cinematic profile of the noted veteran New York City fashion photographer. An absolutely fascinating look at the life of the ‘On The Street’ columnist from the New York Times. Watching the elderly man ride his bide through the city, spotting trends and identifying upcoming street fashion was riveting. Definitely watch this, fashion fan or not! (Watch Here)



4. Objectified - A feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. Having not really put thought into why toothbrushes look the way the do, and why we must have rectangular shaped cameras – this doc was incredibly enlightening. If you want to further educate yourself on product design, this is a must see. (Watch Here)




Do you have any documentaries that you think are MUST SEES? Share them in the comments!

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