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The Pros and Cons Of Mac

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I’m no longer a Mac virgin. I got my first MacBook Pro a couple months back, and have been aggressively using it daily. When I was making my decision to purchase my new computer, I did a lot of online research to try and find out exactly what the benefits were to buying Apple merchandise. Having grown up using a PC, and having conducted most of my work on one, I entered into this market with a pretty keen eye for what was important to me.

The Non-Negotiables

There were a few things I needed to make sure of before buying, and here’s some of what made the list:

-       Full Compatibility with MS Office

-       Easy transfer of old hard drive data

-       Calendar synchronization

-       Easily adaptable operating software


Not a long list, but a list nonetheless. Here’s a list of some the pros and cons I’ve noticed within my first few months:



  • Twitter is integrated into EVERYTHING on the new Mountain Lion OS. It’s so easy to share content (which is huge for me).
  • MS Office is not only the same, but slightly prettier.
  • Files are so easy to find with the SPOTLIGHT tool.
  • The new ‘MESSAGES’ feature allows incoming SMS messages to be delivered to both my phone and desktop.
  • Multiple desktops: I can now have several different programs open on the go, and simply swipe my finger to toggle between them.
  • Intuitive mouse pad: Much like using an iPhone or iPad – it’s easier to navigate through your computer than on a traditional PC model.
  • It’s really darn pretty.



  • Icon hovering preview: I became accustomed to hovering over my taskbar’s open programs on windows, and seeing what was in them. There’s an app called Hyperdock that does this upon installing on Macs, but I can’t bring myself to spend the $19.99.
  • Adapting: I still do the control+alt+delete a lot, but I know I’ll unlearn eventually. There’s a laundry list of Windows shortcuts that I have to re-learn for Mac – but I’m willing.
  • Minor difficulty with Mac Mail: Setting up new accounts can get a bit challenging, but nothing too horrible.
  • MacKeeper Ads: I stream a lot of video – and as many I’m sure are aware, pop ups are inevitable. The issue I have with the Mac Keeper ads is the annoying sales pitch voice that starts talking upon loading.
  • Only 2 USB ports: You can buy an expansion plug in, but I was a bit bummed.

I’m sure there’s more to share as my usage continues, but as a starting point – these were some real standouts. I definitely recommend making the switch, because the benefits surely outweigh the downsides.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer Mac or PC? Why?

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