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Twitter Is Stupid and Other Interesting Stats

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If you’re into twitter (or obsess about it like I do), it can come into conversation often. However, you sometimes hear the snarky: “I don’t use twitter – what a waste of time. I don’t want to know what people are eating for breakfast.”

This post is for you sassy pant folks who think you may be too good for twitter, or that it’s a narcissistic time waster. As it turns out, the DATA shows that breakfast is not the first option on the twitter menu – it’s actually the last. Diffbot ( recently just released some pretty interesting analytics based on tweets from July 10th-July 11th, 2012, and here’s the digest.

Status Updates Come Last

36% of tweets are images being shared

16% are articles – yes, NEWS! (well, mostly)

9% is a tie for video and page sharing

8% is product hawking

In last place comes status updates, and shared error pages at 7%

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Pretty outstanding stuff, no? Diffbot gets into more granular details about this content, and you can check that out here.

So the next time someone says they’re not interested in reading about breakfast – remind them: we don’t tweet about our OWN breakfast, we share articles about someone else’s.


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