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5 Top Stats On Why Moms (& Mom Bloggers) Run The Internet

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We all adore and love Moms. Whether they’re your own (hopefully), or someone else’s – Moms make a huge impact on our lives. The lesser known fact? Mommies are HUGE influencers online. In fact, Mommy blogging has become one of the biggest and best ways for stay at home Moms to still enjoy working while being a big part of their kid’s lives. With that in mind, here’s 5 top stats showing you why Moms rule the Internet.

1. 3.9 million women with children write blogs in the US. By 2014, that number will jump to 4.4 million.  (eMarketer)

2. 55% of active (daily) social media moms said they made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via Technorati)

3. 18.3 million internet users who are moms read blogs at least once a month. (eMarketer)

4. One in four of moms have purchased a children’s product because of a recommendation from a social networking site or blog. Half of all moms use social media while watching TV. (NPD Group, Inc. via SFGate)

5. 90% of moms are online vs. just 76% of women in general. (eMarketer)

None of these stats are extremely surprising, but it does bring to attention that Moms make up a large part of the Internet. Because of their huge presence, along with the amount they’re sharing, commenting, and recommending – it’s important that brands take note. The truth is, when a Mom recommends something to another Mom – the credibility is significantly higher than a broadcasted message from a brand. Imagine what social media and blogging has done to make this ‘word of mouth’ recommendation system insanely scalable! Food for thought – and as it turns out, Mom IS always right.

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    4 replies
    1. Lena says:

      I love everything about this post. Signed, A Mom. (Who is usually right – but has been known to produce a few epic fails too!)

    2. Embrace Disruption (@EmbraceDisrupt) says:

      Fails are easily forgiven when they come from Mom :)


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