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Vine Gets Jason Derulo-fied In New Single Promotion

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Now that Vine has the world obsessed with creating 6 second video masterpieces, it’s only natural that someone identifies a way to use it as a powerful marketing tool! The best example we’ve come across? In the music industry, of course!


One tech-savvy musician that’s using Vine to promote his new single is Jason Derulo. Known for tagging all his singles with his name, the R&B singer was one of the early adopters of Vine and now he wants to use the app to promote his new single, “The Other Side” which dropped last week. Essentially, he had the song broken up into 6 second increments that can be chosen to ‘score’ your Vine video as you post it. The singer is asking fans to tag the Vines with ‘#TheOtherSide’, then Derulo and his team are going to choose a bunch of them to edit together to create a full-length ‘fan video’ to be posted on YouTube.

Ayal Kleinman, Warner Bros Records VP of Marketing says Vine is “the emerging social media platform” for artists. Also commenting, “The high-energy feel of the song really lent itself well to the platform, and so all the elements came together to create this really engaging promotion.”

Vine seems like the perfect opportunity to not only allow singers/bands to put their music out to a wider audience, but also to have a more personal relationship with their fans by ‘Vine’-ing backstage or sharing behind-the-scenes clips!

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