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Film Friday: How To Save Your Phone If You Drop It In Water

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Surprisingly, 19% of all phone users have dropped their device in a toilet at some point. We don’t judge. Minute Hacks has you covered though with some of their top simple phone-saving suggestions:

  • Take your phone out of the toilet immediately (hand washing can wait).
  • Dry it off with some toilet paper (or equivalent – super absorbent is best)
  • If it’s an iPhone, but it in a ziplock with rice ASAP.
  • If it’s a different model, take out the battery/etc and place all pieces individually into a ziplock with rice.
  • Be sure to check the white indicator strip (in the headphone jack of iPhones/in the battery section of other models) and see if it’s turned red. If it has, cut and paste a new piece of white paper overtop and take it to your service provider for repair (fingers crossed for a new phone!).

Watch the video to learn more:

Have you ever dropped your phone in water? Were you able to save it?

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