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A Look At The Best & Worst Jobs Of 2013

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People often say the best part of their job isn’t necessarily in the material gains and successes but the feeling they get from a job well done. That was only one of the metrics used to determine the ‘Best Jobs’ of 2013 as decided by CareerCast. Aside from job fulfillment, the Jobs Rated method uses measurable statistics including median salary, projected job growth and the collective Jobs Rated Score (where, just like in golf, the lower the number the better). Take a look at the top 10 Best Jobs list below:

1. Actuary
2. Biomedical Engineer
3. Software Engineer
4. Audiologist
5. Financial Planner
6. Dental Hygienist
7. Occupational Therapist
8. Optometrist
9. Physical Therapist
10. Computer Systems Analyst

Of course, every ‘best of” list has an accompanying ‘worst of’ list. The worst jobs of 2013 were rated on a similar scale as the best jobs, including things like physical risks and stress levels associated with the job duties and activities. Here’s the top 10 worst jobs of the year:

1. Newspaper Reporter
2. Lumberjack
3. Enlisted Military Personnel
4. Actor
5. Oil Rig Worker
6. Dairy Farmer
7. Meter Reader
8. Mail Carrier
9. Roofer
10. Flight Attendant

What do you make of this list? Any jobs excluded from either list you think are worth mentioning?

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