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Make Them Care About You: How To Improve Your Message

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In today’s world it’s so easy to take shortcuts in your everyday work. Whether it’s sending out a notice to a list of contacts, or just sending simple notes to friends: we all are guilty of taking the easy route.


Effort is key. Whether you’re looking to make contact/pitch/converse with a new client, prospect or lead: it’s important to build and cultivate relationships. Everyone is saturated with emails/tweets/Facebook messages that lack any form of personality or personalization. It’s become so easy to quickly scan something that comes our way – or even worse, just plain delete the communication because there’s no emotion connection attached to the message.


Let’s all remember that even though we can hide behind the comfort of our screens, there’s more to online communication than simply pushing out messages and content. The way we communicate may have changed, but the way we retain and process information has very much stayed the same.



1. Make sure you’re avoiding mass emails at all costs – take the time to personally address your emails, regardless of the content remaining the same. IT MATTERS.


2. Reference a touch point with the person you’re communicating to. A message is always well absorbed when common ground is established first.


3. Be human.  No one likes impersonal emails, messages or content. The computer didn’t generate this, YOU DID – so reflect that in your writing (it will be appreciated).


4. Make sure you’re relevant. Don’t waste people’s time! We’re all busy, so make sure the message is something the reader will be interested in. This will improve your credibility in the long run, making your communications “must-read” material.


5. PROOF READ. You have no excuses for spelling mistakes. On that note, please disregard any spelling errors in this blog. Seriously though: it’s effort, people.


Start to put these tactics into action, and watch your communication skills soar. It may be difficult and a bit taxing at first – but as any good business person knows: ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN YOU GET.

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