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A Look At Effective Storytelling [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Everyone loves hearing a good story. In the age of content overload, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re cutting through the noise with an effective communications plan. The INFOGRAPHIC below outlines some helpful tips to ensure your business’ story gets noticed. Here’s a few statistics we found especially interesting from the image compiled by LOOKBOOKHQ and Beutler Ink:

  • Everyone wants multimedia – press releases with multimedia get 77% more responses compared to text-only formats. 
  • Blogs with videos are linked to 3x more than text-only posts
  • No one reads – 79% of people just scan web articles (you can include us in the 79%!)
  • It’s estimated that people see 5000 marketing messages per day
  • Every 60 seconds, 168 million emails are sent!

All these and more in the image below.


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