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Medicine Of The Future: A Prosthetic Arm Controlled By iOS App

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Over the years, medicine has come so far that sometimes we wonder if all those fancy scanners and simple shots from the world of Star Trek are not that far off. News released over the weekend is just another example of how the world of technology is helping victims/patients have even better quality of life.

A U.S. bionics firm, Touch Bionics has announced that they have developed the first upper prosthetic limb controlled by an iOS application. The aptly named ‘i-limb Ultra Revolution’ has 24 different grip options, device training and problem diagnoses that can all be controlled by your smart phone.

Aside from these features, movement of the i-limb ultra revolution is controlled by a body’s electric signals sent from the arm’s nerves when the muscles are contracted. The arm also features a rotating thumb and individually powered fingers along with a fully moving wrist. With so many advancements in technology associated with the prosthetic, anyone wishing to use the arm will have to undergo extensive training but it sounds like it is definitely worth it. CEO of Touch Bionics, Ian Stevens, has said the arm offers, “unparalleled dexterity and control, enabling wearers to more easily perform activities of daily living and this increase their quality of life.”

Losing a limb, no matter the reason, has to be tough on a person but with research and advancements like this one, we are getting closer to recreating the human experience. Check out the video below of the i-limb in action!


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