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Valentines Day: Oh The Billions We’ll Spend

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We all know that Valentine’s Day is big business for all the lovers out there in the world.  As Canadians we fall right in mid-range of the spending chart with $169 spent on our sweeties.

And it’s not just our boyfriends/girlfriends that are getting the love, in the USA pet valentines is a $367 MILLION business! We don’t forget to show ourselves love either, with 15% of ladies sending themselves flowers.

What began as the Feast of Sainte Valentine, to commemorate the Valentines of Rome that were martyred from 200-300 AD has become a multi-billion dollar affair with chocolates to flowers and jewellery, the mission remains to spread love to those you care about most. Also, it should come as no surprise that an estimated 10% of wedding proposals happen on Valentine’s Day each year.

Check out the infographic for more interesting Valentine’s Day facts!




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