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Playskool: The Latest Brand in Twitter’s Hot Water

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It seems that all we are talking about lately are various PR fails. Our thoughts on the subject matter? We feel the more we talk about what is done wrong on social media, the greater educated everyone will become on how to do things right so they can avoid those red-faced moments.

Today we’re talking about Playskool and this message they tweeted about on Friday:




Now it may have only gotten 1 retweet and 2 favourites but the replies the message got numbered far more. Within an hour the brand was on the defensive, trying to ‘apologize’ to all the Dads (and Moms) out there they offended with the comment.

At first it didn’t seem that their Twitter person understood that people were offended:

reply 3

But soon they came up with an explanation for their comment:

reply 2


If they were trying to convey that sentiment I’m pretty sure there are clearer ways it could have been worded. Scrolling through Playskool‘s tweets for the weekend it seems that they had 2 or 3 go to messages they were simply recycling over and over. That didn’t sit well with followers either:

reply 4


Perhaps the most jarred parent population were the families that include 2 fathers:

reply 1


One of the most disappointing parts of their cookie cutter response is that there is no mention of families/parenting in the LGBT community. Not very forward thinking of the brand.

This whole mess erupted a DAY after Playskool posted this touching image on their Facebook page.



So what do you think of this whole situation? Was Playskool being insensitive to changing family dynamics? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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