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My Trade Secrets For Keeping Up With Content

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One of the most important elements of my job is keeping current. I’m constantly surfing the web for content, PVR’ing daytime talk shows, and consuming multiple newspapers and magazines. Each and every day revolves around finding top news stories, digesting other PR pro tips, and reading up on current trends. To an outsider, the amount of information we (as PR peeps) have to constantly consume may be a bit overwhelming – but guess what? We love it.

In an effort to assist those who may be new to the industry, or perhaps want to learn more about PR, I thought I’d put together a few of the industry sites I visit on a daily basis – to keep my mind fresh and up to date:

PRDaily | PRWeek | All Top PR News | Mashable | Inc | Entrepreneur |Techcrunch | Techvibes

When it comes to news/content consumption that’s not industry related, I rely on a few different tactics. Here’s a few extra tips:

1. Learn To Love Your Remote

As I mentioned before, I make sure to PVR many of the local/national chat, daytime and morning shows so that I can watch them in my down time. It’s important as a PR person to know individual show formats, and what they look for in segments – if only to make your job easier when pitching your clients.

2. A Weekly Magazine Run

Each Tuesday, I try to make it out to my local bookstore to stock up on magazines. The selection varies based on what beats my current clients fall under, but I’m constantly on the lookout for opportunities and great fits for potential pieces.

3. A Daily (If Not Hourly) Scan Of The News

Knowing what’s up on a local, national, and international scale is essential.  Having context for potential story pitches, and being able to tie your pitch into current events is something media will love you for.

4. Twitter 

Twitter is a godsend. Of course, you can’t possibly keep up with absolutely everything going on in the world, and do your job – but Twitter certainly helps. Reading realtime news/articles from likeminded people, or those you admire can play a big role in keeping your fingers on the pulse.

For more tips, articles, and advice, be sure to follow us @EmbraceDisrupt.

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