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INFOGRAPHIC: How Organizations Are Structuring Their Social Media Teams

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Here at EDPR, we love social media. We also love INFOGRAPHICS. Up next? Our two loves meet.

The following INFOGRAPHIC from shows how companies structure their social media teams &  what they are using their social media for. Here are some of the more startling facts we uncovered:

  • The majority of companies are simply piling social media responsibilities on top of their workers regular duties, with teams of >3 people in charge of social media.
  • Only 5% of companies are ‘highly satisfied’ with the social media for their company, yet about 3/4 of them are NOT planning on hiring dedicated social media people
  • Most companies are using social media to garner brand awareness so they use the # of likes/followers/subscribers/etc to measure how well they are doing, rather than looking at engagement.


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