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Film Friday: How Jay-Z Took Down Google

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I always look for inspiring and innovative ways that companies around the world utilize digital media – and today’s example is no exception. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Bing - Microsoft’s version of Google. Bing recently teamed up with Jay Z to execute a campaign that quite simply became a game changer for promotion of websites, media, and even publications. Although this campaign likely cost millions to execute, the sheer creativity was worth it’s weight in gold.

The achievements?

  • Jay-Z’s novel: Decoded

    Average time a person was on the campaign’s landing page was 11 minutes.

  • Bing got 11.7% increase in visits to their search engine which finally tipped them into the Top 10 of most visited websites in the world.
  • The campaign yielded 1.1 billion media impressions
  • Jay-Z’s Facebook page grew by 1,000,000 fans
  • Jay-Z’s book, Decoded was on the best seller list for 19 straight weeks.
  • Every major news channel and newspaper covered the campaign.
  • Large numbers of people started using BING for search and mapping over Google
  • This campaign became part of popular culture for an entire month.

Watch this video, and learn about the magnitude of this wildly successful campaign:


Did you see this campaign in action, or follow it on Bing? Sound off in the comments!

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