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Staying Healthy: 5 Daily Things You Can Do To Improve Well Being

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A lot of people spend an incredible amount of time sitting in front of the computer on a daily basis (myself included). We often have a hard time making sure we give our bodies the exercise, nutrients, and balance it needs. Here’s 5 things you can start slowly doing that will improve your well being – cause every little bit helps!

Body Break’s Hal Johnson and Joanne McLoud would agree. 



  1. Ditch The Drive: If possible, walk to work – or bike. It’s something that will add that extra bit of activity into your routine, and will help you wake up and unwind from your day.
  2. Switch From Coffee To Tea: This one is hard, but if you can swing it – there’s plenty of benefits to ingesting tea (including keeping those teeth whiter!)
  3. Take A Multi Vitamin and Omega 3s: You won’t notice the benefits of taking both of these immediately, but after working them into your daily routine you’ll start to see your energy levels increase. Not to mention, Omegas do wonders for you hair, skin, and nails.
  4. Get 8 Hours Of Rest: Easier said than done, but if you make sure to go to bed earlier – or even sneak in a nap after work, your body is sure to thank you. After all, you can’t reach full potential unless your body feels rested.
  5. Indulge Yourself: It’s important to reward yourself regularly. Whether that’s a drumstick from the convenience store, a glass of wine after work, or a night out on the town – you need to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Life isn’t about deprivation, it’s about moderation.


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